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MJ Gets A Special Treat

Meet MJ, another of ward 84’s superheroes. MJ is just 3 years old and is currently undergoing treatment for Heptoblastoma. We first came across MJ’s mum Amanda in an online support group for family members of the ward only. MJ’s story instantly caught our attention as he is a similar age to Joshua. MJ is currently going through chemotherapy and awaiting Liver surgery. He is in and out of hospital a lot and has to stay over for short periods of time. After coming across an online campaign we contacted MJ’s mum, Amanda to ask her permission to get MJ a little gift to help make his stay more enjoyable. MJ is doing very well and is still up and about causing mischief at the moment, we thought because he is such an active little man he may find it a little hard (and boring) when he is on bed rest after surgery. We thought a tablet along with some JVC customisable headphones would be perfect. Something to keep MJ’s mind busy whilst he needs to rest. It has been a pleasure to help bring a smile to MJ’s face, such a brave, strong little man! Your doing amazing MJ we are all cheering for you!!