Joshua’s Story

Meet our beautiful baby boy Joshua, look at his beautiful smile, always happy, always smiling and always upto mischief. He was very special, everyone that had the pleasure of spending time with our boy was touched by his unique outlook on the world. One thing Joshua was most known for was how much he loved routine, he was at his happiest when he was at home playing and cuddling us. Most kids get bored being at home and want to be out all the time but Joshua loved nothing more than being home, safe, snug and with us. He would make sure we did everything the same every day, he would eat off the same plate, play the same music over and over and have his cuddles at the same time while watching the same tv programme. Every single day he did what made him happy. Another thing Joshy was well known for was the mischief he use to get up to, he made an adventure out of everything, he really kept us on our toes. I couldn’t even take a trip to the toilet without coming back to mayhem, broken eggs, huge portraits on the wall, whole cupboards emptied, make up everywhere or on a really mischievous day his sister being painted head to toe. No matter what he did we couldn’t get mad in fact most of the time we had to turn around to hide our laugh. Joshua had us all in stitches constantly he was the cheekiest, funniest little man, there was never a dull moment with Joshua around. Joshua was also kind, gentle and very, very loving, he was a true family boy. He loved cuddling and playing with his older brother Harvey and younger sister Jessica. Our family was perfect, crazy but perfect.

Monday 23rd October 2017, the day our lives changed forever… nothing can prepare you for the utter heartbreak you feel when hearing the words your child has Cancer. Cancer at 3 years old, he’s barely been in the world long enough to know what’s right and wrong and now he was faced with Cancer. We were rushed to ward 84 at Manchester Children’s Hospital. Joshua was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a form of rare liver cancer. A disease that isn’t usually found until adolescence, not only was it in his Liver, but it had also spread to both kidneys. This has never been seen before, there are no cases or reports every been logged in the world of this condition. How? our boy was NEVER ill up until 2 weeks before diagnosis  he was always perfectly happy. Our battle didn’t last long, the disease was too aggressive and spread too fast to even give us a chance, 4 weeks later on the morning of 18th November our beautiful boy took his very last breath in his mummy and daddy’s arms whilst we sung lullaby’s and told him how much we loved him. He gained his Angel wings leaving behind a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. We are absolutely heartbroken, we have no answers to our questions, all we know is some good has to come out of this horrible outcome.