Previous Fundraisers

Dolly’s Fundraiser At The Top Club – 08/12/2017

This amazing woman is Dolly White, she was touched by Joshua’s story and wanted to help in anyway she could. Dolly went out of her way to organise her own fundraiser at the Top Club in Little Hulton.

She has never tried anything like this before, but wasn’t deterred in her mission to raise as much money and family love as possible. She contacted everyone she could to try and collate as many gifts/prizes/merchandise as possible to raffle/auction at the event.

Dolly with the help of her partner Rob, her family and close friends, organised the room, dressing the room, a DJ, food, and the general running of the night. They did a fantastic job, they have also helped us with the experience going forward into our future fundraisers and we hope Dolly will be apart of them.

She is now a part of the journey and in time she will see the amazing things to come of all the hard work she has put in. I believe this will change her life, because the feeling of completing these events and seeing what they have achieved cant be felt in any other way!

Dolly managed to raise a huge £3016.45!

We would like to thank Dolly, Rob, their families, friends, everybody who donated something and everybody who could make the event! We will hopefully see you all at the next one!