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Craft Bags for Ward 84 and the BMTU

We knew Ward 84 was on lockdown but we have only recently learned that this meant the playrooms on the ward are closed and that children have to stay at their bedside. These measures are all to protect the children whom are extremely vulnerable and to also protect the families and staff.
We decided we wanted to do something to try and help to occupy the children and put a smile on their face s today we have been to Manchester Children’s Hospital to deliver gender/age appropriate craft bags for all the children currently undergoing treatment on the ward so that they have activities they can do from their bedside and also a spot of lunch and some snacks for their parent/carer. We may have had to put a halt to planning our fundraising ventures but we still want to be able to support and help where we can. We hope you all enjoyed your lunch and crafting ❤️🌈