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Archie Gets A New Tablet!

This is one of Ward 84’s superheroes Archie. Just 4 years old and has already been through more in his 4 little years than most do in a lifetime. At 4 and a half months old Archie was diagnosed with Heptoblastoma, a form of liver cancer. Archie has now finished his treatment, but still needs to go to the hospital for regular check ups. We came across a post online early December 2017, Archie had lost his tablet whilst out. To most children a tablet isn’t that important, but to a child that needs to visit hospital as much as Archie it is a lifeline. The long commute and hours upon hours spent in waiting rooms at hospital visits for a 4 year old can be very hard. After contacting Archie’s mum Catherine, The Joshua Lancaster Foundation decided to replace Archie’s tablet, to help make his time at hospital more enjoyable. We had the pleasure of meeting Archie when he came to collect his tablet, what a superhero he is! he smiled from ear to ear when he received his gift. We are so happy we got the opportunity to help such a brave, strong little man!

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