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Lockdown lunch for Ward 84 and the BMTU

We knew Ward 84 and the BMTU were on lockdown but we have only recently learned that this meant the parent kitchen and playrooms on the ward are closed. There is only to be one parent per bedside at all times and there are no visitors allowed. These measures are all to protect the children whom are extremely vulnerable and to also protect the families and staff. With the parent kitchen being closed some parents, especially of younger children were skipping meals. With no access to the parent kitchen and only one parent/carer allowed on the ward per child, its become rather hard for the parents to feed themselves or to nip out to get the extra snacks that the children enjoy.
Over lockdown, during the time our incredible volunteers were off work we decided we wanted to try and help the Ward families by delivering them some dinner and snacks for the parents and children once a week  ❤️🌈